($8.95) the price those crazy canadians wanted street fighter ae fans to pay to watch their stream of a tournament major in 720 hd definition. it was totally unfair so people now use this as a troll reference.
i give that fail an 8.95 out of ten.
8.95% of the people in this stream are noobs.
canadians love street fighter ae so much they charge 8.95 for it.
a reference to vesper arcade’s canada cup fighting game tournament stream.

you could pay 8.95 to get the hd quality options of the stream and remove ads.

those who didn’t pay literally got ads in between every single match, and since ads aren’t timed with the video in the stream and shown in real time, they would play before people saw the matches end. then, the stream ran into an insane amount of lag, making the hd options and anything above 240p virtually unwatchable.

even after all of that, vesper arcade still played twitch.tv promotions and wh-r-d sponsors through the stream video, completely scr-w-ng over everyone who paid 8.95 for nothing when everyone pretty much downloaded adblock to get past all the bullsh-t.

8.95 now usually is used as a replacement word for an ad in fgc stream chats.
-ads play-
stream monsters: how bout that 8.95?

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