8 hour buzz

when consumed in the ecstatic sensation of the “8 hour buzz”, one will notice a heightened sense of realism and higher frequency pitch and treble in the voice. the average amount of consumption and money spent while under the influence of this natural drug can be anywhere from the percentile of 80 to 90. the dopamine released from the 8 hour buzz will rush the neurological center into making sentences that do not make sense, but in a relaxed sort of cool manner. for instance, one might find themselves stating the following sentences..
“freeways are chill…”
“i love you guys…”
“i know its 3 a.m. but we should really hang out…”
“drinks are on me!…”
“i just love trees”
“it feels so good out tonight”
“the wind is awesome…”
“shall we go to the beach tonight for a dip?”

during an 8 hour buzz one may experience a higher sense of self worth, or may feel they are “not blowing it.” if your 8 hour lasts more than 8 hours, make sure to cancel all ur credit cards immediately and consult your homies for details
“bro! i just got laid..now i”m on a total 8 hour buzz, drinks are on me!”

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