8 steps to becoming scene

1: wear girl pants(not small guy pants you’ll get made fun of)

2:die your hair more then one color. and if your parents won’t let you, then die it all black.

3: cut your hair into a reverse mullet. long in the front, short in the back.

4:wear a white belt. black belts are not scene.

5:shave, scene kids shave, you are not aloud to have facial hair. thats for hardcore kids. and we wanna be scene not hardcore , remember.

6:wear a bandanna in your back pocket. around the wrist is for emo kids. and scene is not emo.

7:go to hot topic or journy’s and but slip on vans.

8:get a mysp-ce, if you dont’ have one you are not scene and will be called a scene poser. but learn to take pictures. alot of people try to hard.
after using 8 steps to becoming scene this will be said: scene girl:he use to be sooo ugly but after he became a scene kid he’s hawt.

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