man who is fake and doesn’t respect ladies
he is 818 ….doesn’t care about ladies
“the valley” — the san fernando valley that encomp-sses the northern portion of the city of los angeles (although it constantly wants to secede). known for valley girls (“yeah, like gag me with a spoon… as if!”), the galleria and a climate significantly hotter than the other side of the hill and thus rivaling h-ll. also the p-rn capital of the western hemisphere.
“my girlfriend is a figure model in the 818. so no future, but at least the s-x is good.”
818 – (n) an area code in the san fernando valley (“the valley”) area of the los angeles, north of the santa monica mountains.

the area code was featured, in a somewhat derogatory manner, in the movies go and swingers.

people (likely due to its use in go), will sometimes use it to refer to someone going apesh-t.

dude, no need to go all 818 on me.
san fernando valley. los angeles, california. where you can find the richest to the poorest people all in one area.a place that used to be safe 30 years ago but now has crips,bloods, and mexican gangs (even in the west valley now). where you can find some of the realest and the fakest people you will ever meet.

-filled with drama, fine girls, money,sunshine, fights, crooked cops, the best og kush, p-rnstars.
la local:”yeah i rolled up the party puffin a blunt in my benz and saw some crips and bloods set trippin, so i went back to my mansion to f-ck some p-rnstar before i got shot”

person:”dam what a f-cked up place.im gonna have to come down to the 818 this summer, sounds dope.”
area code. the valley of los angeles including valley west and east (from glendale to calabasis). where poor minority gang members and rich white people live under the same number.
area code in the san fernando valley in california. “tweaker valley” lots of crystal meth is made and used here.
hey bro lets go to the 818 and partyy.
similar to numbers like 69 or 77, but 818 represents 2 sets of b–bs (88) and a p-n-s (1) sandwhiched between to sets of b–bs. double t-tty f-ck
im going back to my room to initiate an 818 with these hoes

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