when someone talks a load of sh-t then proceeds to get knocked out in one punch.
he wouldnt stop screaming insults in my face, so i86’d -ss.
to get rid of, originally for killing someone. the phrase “80 miles out and 6 feet under” was reserved for someone who had to dig their own grave 80 miles from civilization and then get shot execution-style. all terms for 86’d originated from this, be it alcohol or eliminating.
it’s supposed that jimmy hoffa was 86’d under the endzone of giants stadium.
not available. no longer allowed(in an area or premisis).
“the salmon on the menu has been 86’d. we sold out of it.” or “he has been 86’d from this establishment.”
restraunt industry jargon for an item that has been removed, temporarily from the menu and is no longer available to be sold or served. usually for the reason that the supply of said item has run out.
the deal with the preschool fell through, so the filet of child sandwhich is 86’d.

in the early days of the remington and royal typewriters, when paper was expensive and the results messy, overtyping to block out errors (e.g.: old prices on the daily menu or items out of stock) was common. repeated typing
of the the digits 86 over a word would cover almost any previously typed word. the x was also used, and when you either typed “x” or “86” over a word the resulting edit was always called an “86” and anything so blotted out was “86’d”. that’s the connection with delmonico’s, and other downtown nyc eateries where the menus were printed for the day or week and had to be “overtyped” to eliminate items off the menu.
the raw oysters were 86’d by the time we got seated for dinner.
being kicked out of a place and not being able to come back.
man they just 86’d me outta smiths for stealin a pack of gum!
to get rid of; to remove. most commonly used in the restaurant industry today. it’s origin shows it was commonly used in the late 1800’s and was a contraction for “take ’em 8 miles out and plant ’em 6 feet deep”. it was basically a request(order) to have some removed from the face of the earth. in restaurants it means to take an item off the menu or available food list because they have run out (or are having issues with) an item or to quit service or allow entry to an individual.
“86’d the halibut we ran out.” “86’d the tattooed bozo at table 3 ‘cuz he’s an -ss” “86 alex cuz he didn’t pay back the loan by thursday”
during the prohibition days there’s a speakeasy at 86 bedford st. in the village in manhattan. when the coppers came for a raid, the shout was your all 86’d, in other words, get oughta here. the place is still there called chumleys, if you can find the secret entrance!
your all 86’d. get outta here!

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