this is another way to say f-ck off
:hey what are you up to?

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  • apology snail

    the “snail” emoticon found on iphones. used as a form of apology during text conversations, in place of the words “i’m sorry.” “i made my girlfriend mad when we were texting last night. so i sent her an apology snail, and it’s all smoothed over now.”

  • back seat bomb

    when you sneak out a toot in the back seat of a car. heather let loose a back seat bomb in poly’s new car.

  • autom

    the most weirdest girl that’s a totally white girl that drinks tullys instead of starbucks, the radiant beautiful you will ever meet, she will make you die inside. woman: what would you like today ? man: a tall cup of autom

  • triggerf*ck

    /ˈtriɡərfək/ verb: trolling which incites emotional pain. noun: someone who is easily trolled or incited to emotion. someone who spends a lot of their time espousing petty ideologies online, also may have a vitamin d deficiency and no reason to live. jimmy and stacy triggerf-cked the church when they lit up the spliff. “oh him? […]

  • psychological abuse

    when someone leads you or makes you believe that something is true under false pretenses and you are blind sighted by the actual reality of the situation and you have believed it for a long time until what you thought was real is taking from underneath you and you are left with damage and so […]

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