a woman that sleeps with all men for money or just because..
baker is a 8a7ba

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    sounds ghetto but actually she’s the complete opposite! once you meet a deshanda you can’t unmeet her. she’s stunning,stubborn,indecisive,caring, fun, outgoing, goofy,and beautiful all rolled into one giant sushi roll. she’s a breath of fresh air in a smoky room. tread lightly though because once she has you in her sights your life will never […]

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  • zowing

    the process of going out and getting f-cked up or laid. can be used in an inclusive manner to me either/or or both. ex: “we’re zowing tonight, who’s ready?”, “you should go zow with that blonde over there.”

  • n*gg* magnet

    when a girl is too fine to handle and all the n-gg-s are following her, checking her out, and flirting with her “i am a n-gg- magnet” “girl you are a n-gg- magnet “

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