text p-n-s, often used on starcraft
the 8iiiiiiiiiiid wouldn’t stop nerding so i had to ruin its sh-t.

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  • 8-inch blizzard

    a climatic condition affecting men only when the weather turns wintery. an overnight phenomenon where frenzied excitement of the coming “white stuff” leads to impaired visibility and slippery conditions! gregoire was hoping his 8-inch blizzard would lead to much snowball fun!

  • 8-incher

    a p-n-s that is 8 inches long, or within 1/8 of an inch of that. usually extremely pleasurable to have inserted into your body. it is almost -orn-sized. these men are the buff-est and can give the most pleasure. any smaller is tiny and any bigger can hurt the girl she screamed w/ pleasure when […]

  • 8 inches

    a term ofter heard to describe the size of a males p-n-s. this size is neither “large” nor “small” as we know that length is not the only pleasurable factor to a male p-n-s. amanda, “how big is it?” travis, “8 inches.”

  • 8-inch-high club

    exclusive group of people who have had s-x on an air mattress. dude, air mattress was great last night. sorry about your kitchen. no problem, i heard you joining the 8-inch-high club. go clean my kitchen.

  • incraziable

    incredible and crazy are the origins for this word. it means something that is out of the ordinary. that’s incraziable, i can’t believe he did that!

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