it’s what she did with it.
long had my scr-t-m been unloved and full were my boys ready to bust. then along came elaine and 8it

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  • over the pants inception

    the act of subtley implanting an idea into another persons head without actually saying it i got a girl to send nudes by using the over the pants inception method.

  • freudian selfie nip slip

    an accidently explicit self taken photograph revealing the senders true intentions. she sent me a freudian selfie nip slip and i knew it was on.

  • già lo sai

    like when rapper says “you know i mean it” so a few persons understand what he mean, only who know he. fra: cosa facciamo sabato sera? simo: già lo sai fra 😏

  • east africa

    the east region in africa or the horn of africa including somalia, ethopia, djibouti, kenya, uganda, sudan and eritrea. you know im that east african queen.

  • b*m magnet

    an person whom is attracted to people that have no purpose in life, no education, no job, no money, homeless who wants to live off of others. your just a b-m magnet , if your current boyfriend has nothing to offer you ,but s-x, and your ex boyfriend is your deadbeat baby daddy.

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