n00b, punk that borrows server sp-ce from the 1337 h4xx0r sh4d0w.
8l1nd bows to the name of sh4d0w.

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  • pojaa

    it means to propagate, universalize, ubiquitize, promote, make widespread,be prevalent. from chinese, used in the technical and marketing world. cellular phone is such a convenient tool, it has pojaa-ed over the past few years, everywhere on the globe can be found now days. the chinese government is to pojaa digital books during the nation’s 5-year […]

  • 8 layers

    someone’s -ss crack. derived from mini wheats commercial when a wheat square has its robe a bit low and you can see his eight layers of whole wheat guy 1 :look at that chick’s 8 layers. guy 2 :ya man she has to pull up her pants. no one wants to see the forbidden forest.

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    defenition of sh-t in turkish and sometimes persian oh pokh yier – he’s eating sh-t

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