see breeders and all forms and extensions thereof.

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  • dirty bis*xual

    a person that gets everyone regardless of gender because they are hot, s-xy and too h-rny to define themselves. also known as db. self-explanatory. it actually has a positive connotation. dbs flip flop quite a bit, and enjoy every second of it why be gay or straight if you can be a dirty bis-xual and […]

  • hoodw*nk

    to be slapped or smacked in the facial area with a p-n-s. while andrew was lifting weights in school one day, michael came up from behind him and hoodw-nked him numerous times. when you w-nk off a hooded figure or have a w-nk wearing a hooded top. i had a hood w-nk last night, now […]

  • sqaulie

    term used when the cops are coming. sqaulie, put the drugs away.

  • squalk

    the noise utterd from a firery bird on sunday. the squalk was teribly loud. they decided to put the bird out with a bucket of water. squalk: when you take such an impressive shower that you squeak when you walk phil: hey how was that shower!? bonnie: lets just say im squalking now the sound […]

  • squalorly

    to posses the ability to make an environment one of squalor. to be a person apt to live in squalor. true, the house is a bit a mess but that doesn’t make me squalorly.

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