#ap shit crazy

#ap sh-t crazy is when your diamond audemar piguet watch is losing its mind “bro my watch is broken #ap sh-t crazy”

bat shit crazy fish

the most manic form of insanity. billmom = bill)this questline is insane! ted)insane? ted)this is bat sh-t crazy fish!?! bill)it’s not that crazy. ted)i was just eaten by a snail. do you know what the inside of a snail looks like? bill)no ted)me either it’s dark in here. -(two men playing an rpgmmo)-

crazy as a shithouse rat

deranged, demented behavior that others deem similar to that of a rodent that dwells in a wood sh-thouse. he’s crazy as a sh-thouse rat! if his toes slip off that steering wheel that car’s gonna roll.

Fat Shit Crazy

-when a loved one, friend or co-worker is excessively eating large portions of food in a short amount of time. karen- -eating doughnut after doughnut- steve- “whoa karen, you’re going fat sh-t crazy on those doughnuts, you think you could slow down? save me a jelly filled while your at it.” karen- “sorry i’ve been […]

Catshit Crazy

someone who has absolutely nothing to lose and also owns a ton of cats. catsh-t crazy people are different from regular crazy people because of their att-tude, activities and amount of cats they own. a regular crazy person would shoot at a plane with a pistol. a catsh-t crazy person will jump off of one […]

shit-chucking crazy

the state of mental illness which has symptoms including sending thirty text messages when there have been just three replies, repeatedly making false allegations, and using the subject’s child as a bargaining chip against a person who has moved on after the subject initiated a break up. seriously, that b-tch is sh-t-chucking crazy. she broke […]

Crazy Fucking Shit

crazy f-cking sh-t 1) the name for something that was so insane, you just had to call it “crazy f-cking sh-t” 2) drugs you take when you have no idea what it is or whats in it 1) dude, that roller party was some crazy f-cking sh-t man… 2) dude, i just dropped something, and […]

shit ass crazy

a technical term synonomous with getting “crunk wild.” a point of drunkatude at which the only things that one can utter are random terrets-esque curse words. carl was totally sh-t -ss crazy last night at the kegger.