A b c

advance booking charter.
alcoholic beverage control.

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  • A b d

    all but dissertation: applied to a person who has completed all requirements for a doctoral degree except for the writing of a dissertation. also, a.b.d. all but dissertation

  • A b davies

    [dey-veez] /ˈdeɪ viz/ noun arthur bowen [boh-uh n] /ˈboʊ ən/ (show ipa), 1862–1928, u.s. painter. joseph edward, 1876–1958, u.s. lawyer and diplomat. peter maxwell, born 1934, english composer. (william) robertson, 1913–1995, canadian novelist, playwright, and essayist. davies /ˈdeɪvɪs/ noun sir john. 1569–1626, english poet, author of orchestra or a poem of dancing (1596) and the […]

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    [duh-rand] /dəˈrænd/ noun asher brown, 1796–1886, u.s. engraver and landscape painter of the hudson river school.

  • A b ed

    bachelor of arts in education.

  • A b f m

    american board of foreign missions.

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