dipping your b-lls into a willing females b-tthole.
lauren isn’t a big fan of tea – bagging but will spread her cheeks wide for a good a-bagging.

b-tt dog in the bathtub s-x moves

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  • p*ss bottom

    when one doesn’t have a gooch, instead its one wide v-g-n- starting from the cl-torous and ending at the top of the b-ttcrack you don’t want that girl, she has a puss bottom

  • p*ssy ring

    vertical cl-toral hood piercing aka cl-t ring or p-ssy ring ray played with jennifer’s p-ssy ring while she talked on the phone to her boyfriend dale dodge

  • ramenification

    the effect of spending all your time and money on school to the point that the only thing you can afford to eat is ramen. taking a lower paying job to go back to school. the ramenification has been affecting my health since i started going back to college.

  • rapid animal s*x

    to f-ck violently and at an excessive rate, ie as if you were a cheetah. whats up my dude i had some f-ck-ng dank rapid animal s-x with slime tony last night

  • rebound theory

    when you pull your boxer strap down bellow your b-lls to take a p-ss in a urinal and the strap comes back and slaps your b-lls resulting in extreme pain the rebound theory really hit jj hard, he couldn’t walk for a week.

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