a boris becker

a very brief s-xual encounter which takes place with little or no planning in the nearest location to the place where the decision to engage in s-xual activity was made. ideally the s-xual congress should take place in a location usually -ssociated with mundane tasks – for example a broom cupboard, a lavatory, under a table, in a porch, in the back of a vehicle, in some bushes etc. generally, names are not exchanged and some clothing is worn due to the speed of the mutual attraction and the short interval between meeting and copulation. any foreplay is limited to short manual contact with the other person’s genitals as the male’s p-n-s is guided towards the female’s v-g-n-. the act is completed as swiftly as possible to avoid the development of any possible emotional attachment, and to limit the possibility of either person’s companions being aware of the event. the term refers to boris becker’s expensive encounter in the appropriately named restaurant in london, n-bu.
“cindy and i were at charlie’s parents’ home last weekend – i saw charlie’s sister (the redhead) coming out of the lavatory and after i asked where the light switch was, she took me back in for a boris becker – she was astonishing for 19. cindy saw some fluid on my trousers when i got back to the garden and asked if i’d spilt my beer!”

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