A c becquerel

[bek-uh-rel; french bekuh-rel] /ˌbɛk əˈrɛl; french bɛkəˈrɛl/
alexandre edmond
[a-lek-sahn-druh ed-mawn] /a lɛkˈsɑ̃ drə ɛdˈmɔ̃/ (show ipa), 1820–91, french physicist (son of antoine césar).
antoine césar
[ahn-twan sey-zar] /ɑ̃ˈtwan seɪˈzar/ (show ipa), 1788–1878, french physicist.
antoine henri
[ahn-twan ahn-ree] /ɑ̃ˈtwan ɑ̃ˈri/ (show ipa), 1852–1908, french physicist (son of alexandre edmond): n-bel prize 1903.
the derived si unit of radioactivity equal to one disintegration per second bq
word origin
c20: named after antoine henri becquerel
/french bɛkrɛl/
antoine henri (ɑ̃twan ɑ̃ri). 1852–1908, french physicist, who discovered the photographic action of the rays emitted by uranium salts and so instigated the study of radioactivity: n-bel prize for physics 1903

becquerel bec·que·rel (bě-krěl’, běk’ə-rěl’)
a unit of measurement of radioactivity, equal to one disintegration per second.
(bě-krěl’, běk’ə-rěl’)
the si derived unit used to measure the rate of radioactive decay. when the nucleus of an atom emits nucleons (protons and/or neutrons) and is thereby transformed into a different nucleus, decay has occurred. a decay rate of one becquerel for a given quant-ty means there is one such atomic transformation per second.
family of french physicists, including antoine césar (1788-1878), one of the founders of the science of electrochemistry; his son alexandre edmond (1820-1891), noted for his research on phosph-r-scence, magnetism, electricity, and optics; and his grandson antoine henri (1852-1908), who discovered spontaneous radioactivity in uranium. antoine henri becquerel’s work led to the discovery of radium by marie and pierre curie, with whom he shared the 1903 n-bel prize for physics.

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