A donald

when you speak in circles making waves while saying absolutely nothing
drew pulled a donald as he spewed make-believe about building a gold wall along the entire rio grande pledging “it will be seen from mars”

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  • getcha weight up

    when your fighting somebody and they’re weak you will say “getcha weight up” jack was ready to fight chris but chris told him “getcha weight up,and then we’ll fight!”

  • Bumpy eyes

    when you can’t keep your eyes open when you try to stay awake put your eyes are to tired you get b-mpy eyes #b-mpy-eyes

  • spawn of hell

    it is mostly the same as h-ll sp-wn. “a being sent from the bowels of h-llbto change the wars between hevan and h-ll” the movie ’12/12/12′ is a great example of the meaning of sp-wn of h-ll. ( you van find this movie on netflix and hulu)

  • White Chameleon

    a white guy who can p-ss as any other white guy someone who is easily confused with someone else, just because they’re both white everyone keeps thinking grant’s ted. he’s a white chameleon.

  • kwebbelkop

    the most annoying piece of sh-t semi-popular youtuber out there. friend: have you seen the new kwebbelkop video? me: f-ck dude, i’m pretty sure i just got cancer and aids from hearing his name. a stupid youtuber that only plays gta v and copies another sh-t youtuber called pewdiepie. kwebbelkop is a sh-t youtuber.

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