A Dumbass

the person reading this.
im a dumb-ss.

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  • catus dip

    the act of doing -n-l, while the person has not wax the hair between the cheeks. man i was really catus dipping last my.

  • qwali

    someone who is very caring,cool,and sweet, despite having some issues and being slightly broken. “that guy looks like a qwali! i’m totally inviting him to the party.”

  • brown knight

    when pleasing your partner -n-lly and you look down to see the knights covered in gravy paul was enjoying himself when all of a sudden the brown knight emerged from the gaping hole

  • The Suc

    the action of giving or reciving head / oral s-x. the suc intensifies with every “c” added to the word. sorry i dragged fam i was reciving the succc from this hoochie momma.

  • novalye

    a hot portagee d-mn novalye u hot af

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