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  • shelbyville shout

    to sit on your roof in a lawn chair wearing only your underwear and scream at the top of your lungs. i tried to get some work done, but couldn’t focus with my white trash neighbors doing the shelbyville shout.

  • discriminant

    a term that reveals the character or nature of the solutions in an equation—its sign tells us whether each is a real or an imaginary numerical beast. it’s a pity that few math teachers extend the use of the discriminant beyond finding the nature of the roots or zeros of an equation, say, in curve […]

  • cancer emojis

    usually kids who are mentally r-t-rded that spam random emojis that do not even make any sense, i have no idea why they spam it but they’re r-t-rded. r-t-rd : this guy is so cool! 😂😂😂😂😂👌 me : look at this r-t-rd using the cancer emojis.

  • cluster whore

    someone who talks from everyone’s back and gossips insanely about everything. that they reasonably have a wide and a large connection to and between everybody that they become a cl-ster wh-r-. + man, f-ck debby. she got between me and jason. – yeah girl i feel you. she’s always been the cl-ster wh-r- of this […]

  • coke stroker

    one who exchanges s-xual favors for cocaine. wonda wonderpig was queen of the c-ke stroker set!

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