a looker

an attractive person
“some babe just followed me on the gram–she’s a looker. i’ll slide into her dms later”

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  • stalkerific

    how valuable a tool is in the acting of stalking someone. i find instagram most stalkerific. (adj) people who are overly good at stalking. guy: “she changed her last name to my last name on facebook” other guy: “have you even talked to this chick?” guy: “nope.” other guy: “d-mn, she’s stalkerific.” something that is […]

  • word of web

    much similar to word of net the spreading of news via the internet, mainly social media, forums and messages. commonly abbreviated to wow. i heard about that story through wow (word of web)!

  • yelching

    verb: to vomit with profound gusto and extreme sound effect. you see that chelsea girl yelching all over the theater during deadpool?? that sh-t was crazy loud!

  • justin treadway

    perfection i hope i can be justin treadway, even just for a day

  • thirst behavior

    the act of being insecure or overly attracted to some one or around someone and the od behaviors that follow also a change on the song from drake: worst behavior “yo she’s really bugging out today ,she hasn’t sat still around you once” “oh, that’s just thirst behavior”

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