alpha particle
historical examples

it some-times hap-pens in these fights that the ant-lers get so fast-ened to-geth-er that the stags can-not get them a-part.
my treasure thomas w. handford

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  • A-sample

    noun the primary urine or blood sample used in doping tests in professional sports; if the a-sample tests positive, the b-sample is tested to confirm or invalidate the results see also b-sample

  • A-side

    noun the side of a gramophone record regarded as the more important one historical examples and yf e addicioun sholde be made to a cifre, sette it a-side, and write in his place .5. the earliest arithmetics in english anonymous

  • A star

    a blue to white star, as altair, sirius, or vega, having a surface temperature between 7500 and 10,000 k and an absorption spectrum dominated by balmer-series lines of hydrogen.

  • A-strabismus

    a-strabismus a-strabismus n. strabismus in which esotropia is more marked in looking upward than downward. strabismus in which exotropia is more marked on looking downward than upward.

  • A supply

    a battery or other source of power for heating the filament or cathode heater of an electron tube.

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