“a” piece

abbreviated term for “-sshole.”
yo, that girl’s slammin. i’d love to pound her in the “a” piece.

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  • pull-back hair

    a huge load of exotic c-m a neighbor has pull-back hair, in other words, it looks like someone sp-nked a huge wad of c-m on her head from a nerdy guy that loves pork.

  • FFMQ

    final fantasy mystic quest. a snes game released in north america in 1992. known to be an entry level rpg. ffmq had a wicked soundtrack!


    stands for hazard -n-lysis critical control point. it is some cr-ppy thing you have to learn if you want to di a food handlers course. “haccp sucks big time!”

  • say daddy

    a common expression used in schools from grades k-9. used when a person/thing is dominating another, uber-ly. ( to lebunny) yesheya: yooooo say daddy b-tch chris: a h-ll yeah u just got owned

  • hammerfish

    a drink that consists of a lot of ice, vodka, monster, and a tiny bit of any fruit drink. dude, bro, i totally got smashed off of hammerfish and then picked up the deepest v from abercrombie. and you know what i know by deep v.

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