the names for fans of the kpop group bts. a.r.m.y. is an acronym for adorable representative mc for youth. yes, even some a.r.m.y.s agree the name is kinda stupid. a.r.m.y.s have a really bad rep because for every loyal fan, there’s an argumentative fan that disrespects other groups and starts fanwars.
fake a.r.m.y. : omo bts oppas are kings of kpop!!! exo who? big bang who?
good a.r.m.y. : stfu and be respectful to other groups. you don’t need to diss other groups to support bts.
1. a large body of people organized and trained for land warfare.
2. a tactical and administrative military unit consisting of a headquarters, two or more corps, and auxiliary forces.
3. where marines are trained to use armor, the air force and navy received their start in aviation, and the professional soldiers that not only take and control tactical positions on the modern battlefield, but maintain these positions under severe and adverse conditions.

often mocked by marines (bullet sponges), navy (squids), and airforce (too many silly names to list). rivalry is encouraged among the different branches of the military, as a way to buid “espres de corp”.

as a side note, the army trains the only cavalry units in the modern us military, and as any scout will tell you: “if you ain’t cav, you ain’t sh-t”.
i joined the army to learn valuable skills in antic-p-tion of putting myself through college with the montgomery gi bill. that’s why i learned to drive bradleys, fire crew-served weapons, call for arty, and use c4 on bridges.

what the h-ll was i thinking? only cops in la need those skills.
a.r.m.y (아미) which stands for adorable representative m.c for youth. they are known as the fans of the famous south korean boy group, bts.
hey are you an army? yes i am b-tch, hobi is my sunshine
the things kept in your sleevies.

also how idiots say army.
have you seen my armies?
no, because all i see are your sleevies.
an often under appreciatted branch of the miltary since the official seperation of the marines from the navy. a more stable fighting force then the marines. marines strike and go,whereas the army gains and keeps control of the areas that have been weakened by the military.
first we weaken the area with an attack by marines, next we send the army to hold the ground.
the largest branch of most modern militaries, including the united states army.
after high school, james joined the army.
a fine branch of the u.s. armed forces despite all the hype over marines being the “best”. what most people fail to realize is that the army is a much bigger organization with a lot of non-combat roles that need to be filled, much more so than the corps which is more of a combat role in-itself. this means that army bootcamp varies on what mos you want. an infantryman is going to have a more grueling bootcamp than a computer technician. this is what makes the army so great is it’s wide range of occupations for both combat and non-combat. don’t think for a moment that this means the army is “weak” compared to marines, some of the most decorated combat units have come from the army (101st and 82nd airborne, 1st cav division, 3rd infantry division, and the 10th mountain just to name a few). plus everyone knows rangers and green berets kick so much -ss.

when it comes to the actual fighting units, both branches are pretty much the same: an infantry grunt is an infantry grunt, an armor crewman is an armor crewman. the only real difference between the two is marines conduct amphibious -ssaults while the army has airborne soldiers

just remember the army recruits to maintain a large force with combat arms and a support element. marines recruit to maintain a smaller force which emphasizes more on combat arms regardless of mos ( “every marine is a rifleman”). both are great branches serving a great nation.

marine: you joined the army!? why? marines are where the real men are!

soldier: i don’t see marines jumping out of planes into enemy territory 😉

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