A Roberts

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  • Taxotere

    a chemotherapy drug used by tough guys who want to shave their entire head bald completely and utterly without shaving. i’m tired of making my head sweat, and i was on chemotherapy at that time, so i took some taxotere that shaved my head completely bald automatically. #drug #taxotere

  • SGW

    sgw is the abbreviation for the term ‘serious genital warts.’ this term is often confused with sjw (social justice warrior) due to its similarities in appearance, and having the same place in society. “all sjws have sgw problems.” “i did not have a s-xual encounter with my date due to sgws.”

  • dedimyselfication

    dedimyselfication= dedicate anything for myself. dedimyselfication is required for my entertainment, not having to wait for someone else to dedicate in my honor.

  • shindee

    the term is defined when a couple (or possibly stranger) immediately having s-x, no matter the situation, position, or affiliation. “just stick it in!” yo, i just shindee’d this chick last night at the club!

  • Dimmer Switch

    her nipples are really hard. poking thru her shirt. “the headlights are on” that girl needs a dimmer switch. nipples headlights b–bs

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