a short

a place where terrorists use to take themselves to a site the fastest way.
the terrorists are pushing through a short!

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    when you are so poor and/or have a low-paying job that only pays pennies. contrast with “stacking benjamins” (many references) when you have so much money because you are successful (see lyrics for fired up by sh-ggy). dude, did you know that amber works midnight shift at mcdonalds? she be stacking abrahams, yo.

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    workings that don’t reveal how key intermediate steps in a math solution are obtained, thus instilling fear among green problem solvers. parents want problem solving books that promote burkini math to be banned, because they view them as noneducational and elitist—these t-tles only terrify and terrorize more kids suffering from mathophobia.

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    putting your toungue between the -ss crack and ball sack, usually of a man, and slightly stroking it suck bricks f-ggot! lick a taint, joe!

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