A Ten

like a girl’s a knock out,mad hot,s-xy,stunning,f-cking hottttttt,
guy1:dude did u see that girl in that car!?
guy2:yeah she’s a ten! or a 10!
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a girl so gorgeous that looking at her makes you feel like you just p-ssed yourself
stephanie piening is a ten. my n-gg- forreal doe, dat -ss.
to have already ate food. or to have eaten already.
no i don’t wanna go to mc donalds because i have already aten
a black person who only acts like a black person 10% of the time. one that white people tolerate and may even enjoy being around.
person 1: ” did you see that black kid wearing the iron maiden shirt?”

person 2: “oh yeah he’s totally a ten?”
see -ss, moron, f-cksh-t, cocbite, dumb-ss

orginates from a high school in northern co where the princ-p-l attempted to silence an online protest, resulting in the p-ssing off of many ppl.

to be used as an insult, meaning to be a moronic nub of a dumb-ss
jeez, jimmy’s bein such an aten

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