an expression of pure pain/desperation
i forgot to do my homework. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  • what it do jiggaboo

    another way of saying what’s up/good he texted me and was like ” what it do jiggaboo ?”

  • sticky elbow

    when a man f-cks the elbow crease of a woman and c-ms on the other side dude, my girlfriend p-ssed out before we got hot and heavy, so i just grabbed her arm and did the sticky elbow to relieve myself

  • jericho trumpets

    jercho trumpet was a name given to the sirens on the bottom of junkers ju 87 stukas. they were boxes with a small propeller mounted near the landing gear. the idea was to demoralise allied troops and inflict psychological trauma. allied troop: jesus christ, you hear those jericho trumpets?allied troop #2: yeah, it’s a death […]

  • 25th hour

    the 25th hour refers to the start of a new day for a drug dealer. bout to take another shower on my 25th hour- jay z 25th hour means it’s too late to get something accomplished, meaning it’s “too late” and time has run out. some might say it’s the last time something can get […]

  • indirtrination

    the mysterious process kid’s clothes go through between leaving the house and coming home the mud puddle by the bike racks was responsible for the indirtrination of generations of school kids, and several rather nasty giardia outbreaks.

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