simply a gigantic r-t-rd who has a tiny p-n-s. warning: girls, don’t get in to bed with him, he has a tiny p-n-s, but his flirt game is strong.
that guy is such an aaban.

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  • nording

    to wander around aimlessly and without cause or purpose. typically in an attempt to avoid work. anybody seen ryan? he’s out nording around.

  • scarecrowin'

    the act of playing objectionable music in order to drive an unwanted person or persons away from one’s vicinity. bob continued yammering on, refusing to leave my office , so i began scarecrowin’ him with some sick riff raff beats until he finally went away.

  • golden murloc

    the act of taking a full c-ck and b-lls inside your mouth at one time, then releasing a world of warcraft murloc shout as loud as you possibly can. “d-mn babe, take it all” “mrglrglglrglrgl” “wtf?!” “you like that golden murloc?”

  • backseat booty

    to have s-x in the rear of a car. wonda wonderpig was was doing the backseat booty.

  • phat-blitz

    the first south african rap artist to invent a new genre called s’ovo. this means a person who raps using the slang mostly used in pretoria, south afica. sa rapper phat-blitz has done it again.

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