the best type of person, he is kind, awesome and generally a very optimistic person with a great sense of humor, generally very social and great at picking up any academic talents
aahan is amazing
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  • corn spirals

    1. the knock off term for fusilli pasta. 2. if you’re not italian and you don’t know how say fusilli. *in an italian restaurant and the waiter comes over* waiter: “what would you like today?” me: “can i get uhhhh… a bowl of those corn spirals?” buy the domain for your travel blog

  • denel

    a sick, depressed and personality disorder-ridden f-ckface of an existence. also, mildly good with puns. saw that guy that drowning over there ? i wish that was denel. buy the domain for your art vlog

  • 🍆✊✊💦

    to beat yo d-ck so hard u bust a nut jim: man i 🍆✊✊💦 last night to bangbros last night and it was great that n-gg- ben: n-gg- wtf

  • ig bae

    i guess bae is what ig bae means the girl: hey you want to come with me the boy: ig bae buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • ringledangdorf

    when jimmy savile sn-tches your wig oh my god kasey!!! ringledangdorf!! buy the domain for your cat site

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