a girl who is smart, funny, cute and loves to pinch david
it is aaliha

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  • skullection

    the act of collecting or the collection of anything to do with skulls such as pictures, stickers and figurines. i couldn’t believe the size of that girls skullection, i think she has every item to do with skulls ever made.

  • jekred

    someone who is fapping/masturbating while trying to type and misspells words due to it. stop being such a jekred and type things properly ya w-nker c-nt! good spelling you total jekred!

  • tyler passey

    he is a guy who rends to play gta v on story mode, because he seems to so much of a loser he doesn’t get xbox live to play with the non-existent friends he has, although that would mean i don’t exist but anyway, tyler has a lovely chode and i’m pretty sure he is […]

  • mini slab

    a small gl-ssy wave ” wow, look at those mini slabs!”

  • fuzwad

    a wad of fuz wow the cat is a beautiful fuzwad

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