she’s is nice,funny,and lovable she has more than 9 best friend is looking for true love
have you heard that aaliyah broke up with a f-g?

she was one of the best singers and also most beautiful girl ever but then it all ended by her tragic death on a plane crash. she will always be on everyone’s heart and unlike britney spears she sang real music. if she would be alive she would kick all those fake -ss b-tches -ss like britney spears.
if aaliyah would be here no fake -ss b-tch would stand a chance against her!!!!!!!!1
beautiful angel who has left us
a singer that died due to a horrific plane crash.
a really talented person. known for hits like ‘one in a million’, ‘try again’, ‘more than a woman’. you should buy everysingle aaliyah alb-m out. its better than most of the cr-p out today!!!!!!!
aaliyah is the best!!!!!!1
a beautiful soul with a voice of a hummingbird
that one april day..when aaliyah went away…..
an actual real singer, a beautiful kindhearted person who tragically died in a plane crash. she is the only artist i know of where i like every single one of her songs i have ever heard. she can actually sing, and she sings about real things not like today. also she looks like a real person, not all computerized. she also looks like a ‘real’ person, like someone you can talk to.
aaliyah songs are amazing.
a r&b diva who died in a airplane crash on august 25 2001 because the pilot was drunk and on c-ke, the b-st-rd.
never get drunk or stoned in hollywood, you might end up killing a celebrity. remember aaliyah.
tha nicest singer and the most beautiful gurl in the world
aaliyah a.k.a baby gurl we miss you

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