a girl aariel is the most loving sensable girl out there she crys alot but only if things are important to her and in relationships she is loyal and would do anything for her parnter she risks anything she also loves music and loves singing most aariels can sing very beautiful , if you have an aariel dont ever let her go because she can replace you in a heart beat and you will feel stupid , a aariel will dissapoint people and let them down but she will alwaye bring them back up and have there back you can hurt her and treat her bad but she will always have there back . if you date an aariel expect to have problems trusting and loving her because they tend to mess up bit they would never cheat or try to hurt you . if your friends with an aariel she will always have your back no matter what .

aariels are very jelous but tha is because they think thay they can be replaced and they arent good enough but one person can change that .

aariels will cry alot but only over the most important things so if she cries over you you were really important to her .

just know aariels are the best
aariel is the best

aariel is such a good singer

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