just m-st-rb-t-s his problems away. loves red heads.
” the red head doesn’t like me i will become an aarington,and m-st-rb-t- my problems away.”

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  • slinging a mucky

    male masturbation “why we’re you late for work gerald?” “i’m sorry boss. lorraine kelly was on tv when i woke up and i couldn’t help myself from slinging a mucky” “fair enough gerald, we’ve all been there”

  • plating my hamburger

    when a woman makes her pubic hair presentable for her partner or gynocologist. “what are you doing in the bathroom, kayla?” “i’m going to the gynocologist tomorrow so i’m tr-mm-ng my whiskers, or plating my hamburger.” “omg why would you tell me that.” “it’s going to look so presentable.”

  • ok maguey

    it means alright in colloquial spanish let’s go to the corner market, ok maguey?

  • beach mule

    it’s lineage can be traced to the moscow mule, it originated on the south sh-r-s of long island, a c-cktail composed of overwhelmingly vodka, ginger beer, and rose’s sweetened lime juice. usually used to turn you into a raging lunatic before playing volleyball. i just crushed a beach mule and now i’m going to spike […]

  • f*cklot

    more than a f-ckton because it takes f-cktons to make a f-cklot holy cr-p thats a whole f-cklot of birds.

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