arnold air society, aka biggest -sshole douches in the world!! they suck so much c-ck, their faces look like eggs. the only reason they get anywhere is by sucking c-ck.
dude, all you do is kiss -ss and suck d-ck. you must be in aas… yup there’s the cord.
anabolic/androgenic steroids, s-x hormones like testosterone with both anabolic (tissue-building) and androgenic (masculinizing) properties.
“i was reading about aas on the weightlifting site.”
probably the school with the sh-ttiest people in the entire world. here you will get judged, no matter what. people dont care about you, and everybody is fake. the guys are a bunch of jerk wads while the girls are b-tchy and annoying. overall, aas is a total piece of sh-t.
“oh, he goes to aas?”
“poor guy.”
anacronym for anacronyms are stupid.
tom: roflmao she is such a sfb.
mickey: dude, aas.

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