Ab initio

from the beginning.
historical examples

why should it not have been so ab initio, or at least at the beginning of the historical period for these parts?
opuscula robert gordon latham

it does seem doubtful whether the state can ab initio be the proprietor of a copyright.
a treatise upon the law of copyright in the united kingdom and the dominions of the crown, e. j. macgillivray

if so, the growth of civilisation would have to begin again, but not ab initio.
the idea of progress j. b. bury

this abstract source, which sprung from s-xuality, ab initio, they deified and worshiped.
religion and l-st james weir

des grieux is ab initio, and in some ways usque ad finem, a sort of ingénu.
a history of the french novel, vol. 1 george saintsbury

dominum burro ab initio usque ad hoc tempus summa c-m deligentia et studio in re mantshurica labor-sse.
letters of george borrow george borrow

this is so far in accord with the view that the existing groups of mammals have diverged from each other ab initio.
the cambridge natural history, vol x., mammalia frank evers beddard

if so, then the possible and the ideal are convertible terms; having their existence, ab initio, in the nature of the mind.
lectures on art washington allston

gifts similar or cognate his father had received, as also had his grandfather, his great-grandfather and so on ab initio.
the paliser case edgar saltus

it is vitiated ‘ab initio’, and would, if successful, free you for the completion of this immoral project.
justice (second series plays) john galsworthy

from the start; from scratch: ab initio courses

c.1600, latin, literally “from the beginning,” from oblique case of initium “entrance, beginning,” related to verb inire “to go into, enter upon, begin” (see initial).

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