a chinese counting machine. now outdated, has been banished to preschools and daycare centers for childrens entertainment. sometimes considered, in its most basic form, the first computer.

consists of 5 horizontal bars, each holding a number of beads that slide back and forth.
the little girl pushed the beads on the abacus from one side to the other.
a primitive calculator used by both old people and technophobes.
oh my god it runs on batteries, i’ll stick to the good old abacus.
noun. someone who is really good at maths.
“john, all i can say is you’re an abacus!”
an instrument used to calculate numbers and other mathematical problems, which is 10 times better and faster than calculator.
abacus vs. calculator, who wins?
abacus, of course!
a tool used by the chinese in the early times. an abacus can be used to do arithmetic by hand.
“quinn used an abacus to count to 100.”
a tool used by the chinese in the early times. an abacus can be used to do arithmetic by hand.
“quinn used an abacus to count to 100.”

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