abaigeal is a fun happy girl who is a good actress. she is always smiling and happy. who ever mets her always loves her and has fun. she has a nice sense of humor and is smart so she is bound for success. everyone loves abaigeal. she is irish oh and she is hott!
abaigeal is always happy!
she also goes by abaigh

i girl who post people mistake as a ginger, she is a copper/auburn hair color with grey-blue eyes. she has curly hair but straightens it to much. she has a crooked smile and comes from a big family. she can have relationship troubles but once the perfect boy finds out her mystery you two and hooked. she can be very confusing and doesn’t have to many friends for this reason, she can be hyper at times but she is always happy. she is very pretty and many boys will fall for her, many girls envy her, causing them to bully her a lot. abaigh is a one of the many main targets for bullies because how different she is, she may seem complected at first but just give her a try.

she looks the best with a tyler.
person 1 : “omg! look at that ginger!”
person 2 : “oh wait, she’s an auburn/ginger,”
person 1 : “look at that abaigeal! her smile is so pretty!”
person 2 : “abaigeal is so confusing!”

person 1 : “look at her..”
person 2 : “abaigh is just too pretty!”

finding an abaigeal is like looking for a needle in a haystack, good luck.

abaigeal looks amazing with a tyler

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