a nickname for a black v-g-n-
“dude she had a nice abaigh”

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  • soft earth

    term used by the mentally handicapped to prove points you will live if you land on “soft earth”

  • sex key

    the answer key to what turns you on hmu with you’re s-x key so i can give you a good time

  • famsick

    it is like home sick but instead of missing home, you miss your friends or your “squad” matthew left school today, he misses his friends, matthew is feeling a little famsick

  • grocery style

    the act of eating someone -ss in a doggy style position.. created by iamsuckafree girl bend over, so i can eat that -ss grocery style

  • bombohole

    bombohole is the opposite of p-ssyhole, it’s referring to the -n-s.. that guy is a real sh-tty bombohole..

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