a girl with big b–bs big -ss and has perfect curves through out the body and is amazing looking
she’s so abambulicious

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  • Siberian tug of war

    two individuals, both sharing a strand of -n-l beads that are inserted into their -n-s, playing “tug of war” with the -n-l beads. jim and frank love to engage in a game of siberian tug of war every sat-rday night.

  • pay my rent

    to have s-x honey would you pay my rent

  • beerdriver

    1.5 oz vodka 1.5 oz oj 1.5 oz beer man i love pounding beerdrivers and blacking out.

  • Midnight name

    the name your dominant lover, sir, or mistress calls you by when you’re being summoned for a spanking, usually late at night; your pet name. guy:hey babe, with a booty like that, you look like you’re just beggin for a spanking! what’s your name? girl: actually i am looking for a spanking, my names sarah […]

  • Schwarzntage

    an arnold schwarzenegger movie montage. i watched a schwarzntage to get pumped up for the gym.

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