Abbey theatre

a theater in dublin -ssociated with the irish national theatre society (founded 1901) and the dramas of synge, yeats, and lady gregory.
historical examples

in 1910 the abbey theatre was bought from her by public subscription.
one-act plays various

mr. lennox robinson, like most of the abbey theatre dramatists, has chosen to write about the ground under his feet.
irish plays and playwrights cornelius weygandt

at the end of 1904 he was in dublin, for the opening of the abbey theatre of which he was one of the advisers.
john m. synge: a few personal recollections, with biographical notes john masefield

it was produced shortly after its author became director of the abbey theatre, succeeding mr. synge in the spring of 1909.
irish plays and playwrights cornelius weygandt

there have been many other dramatists than these i have mentioned who have had one or more plays produced at the abbey theatre.
irish plays and playwrights cornelius weygandt

upon the revival of this play at the abbey theatre a few weeks ago it was played with this new end.
seven poems and a fragment william butler yeats

it is the actors who have made the abbey theatre famous, and not the plays.
the glories of ireland edited by joseph dunn and p.j. lennox

he would go to the abbey theatre, he thought, and book a seat for the evening performance.
changing winds st. john g. ervine

he was at dublin that same year for the opening of the abbey theatre, of which he was one of the advisers.
one-act plays various

now at last i have made a complete revision to make it suitable for performance at the abbey theatre.
poems w. b. yeats

an influential theatre in dublin (opened 1904): -ssociated with it were synge, yeats, lady gregory, and o’casey. it was destroyed by fire in 1951 but was rebuilt; it reopened in 1966

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