dynamite because all abbey’s are the bomb.
d-mn im dynamite like abbey
a generally nice person who has a hard time with confrontation. she tends to be sweet and generous to a fault. abbey’s are normally beautiful people and love the beatles. they also make great friends because they are so loving and loyal. they often do not share their problems with others and sometimes this can overwhelm them.
i wish i had an abbey as my friend.
abbey is a beautiful, spontaneous, creative girl. she is noted for her extreme intelligence. she is the life of the party and has a wonderful smile that could brighten any room. abbey is trusting to a fault and always give people the benefit of the doubt. abbey is the perfect balance of what a girl should be.
i wish i could be as smart as abbey.

we need to hang out with abbey.

i want to marry an abbey.
noun: a person with dry humnor that is extermely hilarious and enjoys movies such as pee wee’s big adventure.
boy; here comes abbey, she makes me giggle like a little school girl

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