maine’s number one town! not just alphabetically. centrally located in maine, you will find the greatest people and you are in for a wickid good time, bub.
me: where’s the best place to go to in maine?
you: abbot!

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    pr-nounced acap (silent f). acronym meaning ” as cheaply as f-cking possible ” festival go-er 1: ” i don’t care, i just want it acafp!” festival go-er 2: ” no doubt, i’m on a budget too.”

  • actuator

    the electrical switches that contestants on the old school nick show “guts” had to hit on their way up to the top of the aggrocrag. if the contestant missed an actuator, they would be forced to go back down and hit the said actuator before they were permitted to finish. if anyone missed an actuator […]

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    the dirtiest most -n-l satisfying s-x position ever invented. pioneered in gunnedah, once you’ve been fuel pumped you will never go back i have her the afgan fuel pump

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