abby day

a good person; someone who doesn’t judge people; a best friend anyone could ask for; like no one else; pure beauty; love; fantasy
wow! your an “abby day!”

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  • moose-licker

    a derogatory term for a canadian or those of canadian decent. we should build two walls. one with mexico and one with canada so we can keep those god d-mn moose-lickers out too.

  • k flizzy

    a hot -ss mother f-cker with a m-ssive p-n-s and gets bare p-ssy he’s also good at spots and is h-lla funny that k flizzy guy i hope he f-cks me to night

  • cloyed

    cloyed is an awesome guy or girl who is great at sports and has lots of friends “dude that cloyed dude is awesome at football ” “yeah he is, you should have seen him yesterday “

  • vibelingual

    being able to understand the ‘vibes’ of any and every genre i’m very vibelingual when it comes to music, i can vibe to anything.

  • syitfp

    phrase for see you in the funny papers. i have to get home, syitfp.

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