also, abc. the alphabet.
the basic skills of spelling, reading, and writing:
learning the abc’s in the early grades of school.
also, abc. the basic or elementary facts, principles, etc., of a subject:
the abc’s of electricity.
(defs 1, 3).
trademark. american broadcasting companies: a television and radio network.
atomic, biological, and chemical:
abc warfare.
(pl in us) the rudiments of a subject
an alphabetical guide to a subject
(often pl in us) the alphabet
(formerly, of weapons or warfare) atomic, biological, and chemical
australian broadcasting corporation
american broadcasting company
audit bureau of circulation
(austral) australian-born chinese: a person with chinese parents, born and raised in australia
(us) american-born chinese: a person with chinese parents, born and raised in the us
(brit) acceptable behaviour contract: a voluntary written agreement between someone who has been involved in anti-social behaviour and a local agency such as a housing -ssociation, council, or police

“the alphabet,” late 13c., abece. sense “rudiments or fundamentals (of a subject)” is from late 14c. from 1944 (in a “billboard” headline) as a shortening of american broadcasting company. related: abcs.
the alphabet
the basics
american broadcasting company
american-born chinese

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