of, in, on, or for the :
abdominal wall; abdominal pains.
usually, abdominals. informal. the abdominal muscles.

short for “abdominal muscles,” attested by 1980; see abdominal.

1550s, from medical latin abdominalis, from abdomen (genitive abdominis); see abdomen.

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  • Abdominocentesis

    abdominocentesis abdominocentesis ab·dom·i·no·cen·te·sis (āb-dŏm’ə-nō-sěn-tē’sĭs) n. surgical puncture of the abdomen by a needle to withdraw fluid; abdominal paracentesis. also called celiocentesis, celioparacentesis.

  • Abdomino-

    abdomino- abdomino- or abdomin- pref. abdomen: abdominothoracic.

  • Abdominocyesis

    abdominocyesis abdominocyesis ab·dom·i·no·cy·e·sis (āb-dŏm’ə-nō-sī-ē’sĭs) n. see abdominal pregnancy. see secondary abdominal pregnancy.

  • Abdominohysterectomy

    abdominohysterectomy abdominohysterectomy ab·dom·i·no·hys·ter·ec·to·my (āb-dŏm’ə-nō-hĭs’tə-rěk’tə-mē) n. see abdominal hysterectomy.

  • Abdominoplasty

    excision of abdominal fat and skin for cosmetic purposes. noun (pl) -ies the surgical removal of excess skin and fat from the abdomen abdominoplasty ab·dom·i·no·plas·ty (āb-dŏm’ə-nō-plās’tē) n. an operation performed on the abdominal wall for cosmetic purposes.

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