an really annoying ex who still hangs out with your friends.
god he’s such an abdoushlah

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  • buhm

    a person who stupid lazy and lacks the ability to to anything that involves moving 3 feet away from the couch you’re such an ugly buhm

  • hoot bagel

    1.) used to describe a person who is not chill, very unattractive, and will most likely kill your vibe at any party. 2.) a bagel of hoot. yeah bro im gonna call an uber and bounce, this party is full of hoot bagels.

  • norcott

    norcott. a male of viking decent noted from his fiery red pubic hair. i got that hot guy home last night , took his pants off and d-mn he was a total norcott.

  • stinky cream pie

    the act of a male -j-c-l-t-ng inside an -n-s. the receiver of the -j-c-l-t- will relax the -n-l walls allowing an undetermined amount of s-m-n and fecal matter to leak out, thus creating the stinky cream pie. kenny: hey bro that dude broke up with me. richard: what happened man, you two seemed so happy? […]

  • cas'n

    to be a failure. also: a life without meaning. man, he’s such a cas’n. he’s got such a cas’n

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