Abdul rahman

[too ng-koo] /ˈtʊŋ ku/ (show ipa), 1903–90, malaysian political leader: first prime minister of malaya 1957–63 and prime minister of malaysia 1963–70.
prince abdul
[ahb-dool] /ˈɑb dul/ (show ipa), 1903–90, malayan political leader: prime minister of malaya 1957–63; premier of malaysia 1963–70.
contemporary examples

most of the world knows abdul rahman omeir al-naimi as a qatari history professor and human-rights activist.
terrorists for human rights eli lake december 19, 2013

tunku. 1903–90, malaysian statesman; prime minister of malaya (1957–63) and of malaysia (1963–70)

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