term used to describe an incredibly s-xy being, with an unusually large p-n-s. recent scientific results show that women tend to love men that are named abed. someone named abed, is also usually reffered to as a p-ssy magnet.
“wow look at that guy, he’s getting a 3 some, wow, he’s such an abed”

“that guy’s incredibly handsome, and such an abed.”
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1. abbreviation of -n-l bashed

2. word commonly used by h-m-s-xuals to describe the act of being penetrated -n-lly with force.

i had a hot session with joey yesterday. he a-b-ed me all day long.
getting completely pwned at some thing
guy 1:-walks into room with black eye-
guy 2: dude! what happened?!?!
guy 1: i totally got abe’d by a bowling ball
to get abe’d is to get credit carded (take it -n-l) by your skatboard
yo u just got abe’d
slang for “n-gg-r” in arabic.

whulla these abeds stink worse than my mother’s falafel.
when your giving it to a girl from behind, yell out “son of a f-ck”, then when she turns around to see what happened, u give here a strawberry shortcake.
last night when i was geetn her from behind, i totally abed her in the face.
the art of taking a bottle of alcohol and ramming it up someones -ss while haveing s-x. while the person is c-mming you go down and begin drinking the the alcohol with whatever bodily juices are excreted.
1. my boyfriend shoved a bottle of patrone up my -ss last night while we were doing it, and began drinking that sh-t when i started squirting. i got totally ab’ed.

2. my girl ab’ed something crazy last night. while we were getting it on, she thought it would be a good idea to take a brand new absolute bottle and rammed that sh-t up my -ss. as i started feeling the urge to blow my load, she went down on not just me, but drank all of the vodka to!

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