(judg. 11:33, r.v.; a. v., “plain of the vineyards”), a village of the ammonites, whither jephthah pursued their forces.

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    abel-sh-ttim meadow of the acacias, frequently called simply “sh-ttim” (num. 25:1; josh. 2:1; micah 6:5), a place on the east of jordan, in the plain of moab, nearly opposite jericho. it was the forty-second encampment of the israelites, their last resting-place before they crossed the jordan (num. 33:49; 22:1; 26:3; 31:12; comp. 25:1; 31:16).

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    abel-mizraim meadow of egypt, or mourning of egypt, a place “beyond,” i.e., on the west of jordan, at the “threshing-floor of atad.” here the egyptians mourned seventy days for jacob (gen. 50:4-11). its site is unknown.

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