origin: trinidad. sometimes abhi for short and commonly may be mistaken for an abby, or get poket calls due to being the first person in a phone list. self-motivated, hard worker, but usually only when it benifits themselves. very strongly opinionated. usually their way or the high way, yet everyone seems to go with their flow. knows somebody for everything.
my name is abhinav, and i aint scuurrred.
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this word is of an indian origin and generally males are called by this word(name).its literal meaning is “new forever”,
it is generally used to indicate that something new is going to be done like if people unite for a cause-lets say a revolution or just for the new discussions in public- then its called as abhinav manch(stage) where people start to learn and share an entirely new and positive side of things and they learn new way of dealing with things.
abhinav is a common indian male name, derived from the sanskrit language, meaning ‘forever new’. the word originates from the rigveda. like his name, abhinav is young, novel and innovative. he is constantly learning and improving himself. he is the smartest of the lot, funny, talented, creative, and so easy to be friends with. he has big plans and knows how to be successful.
i went to abhinav for some advice. he knows his sh-t so well!

yeah abhinav is amazing!
is also very commonly called beenav for short. in reality an utterly despicable human being that is the laughingstock of society, for honestly no real reason. (the fact that his bmi is easily 36+ might have something to do with it, though)

can be used as a verb, noun, and adjective.

can be pr-nounced ‘uh-bee-nuhv’, or ‘uh-bee-now’

the examples below are just three of many possible uses of the word. if you are skilled enough, you’ll be able to incorporate this word in many, many ways, every day.
verb: lawl you just got beenaved. (raped)

noun: can i get a pair of abhinav’s, size 11? (shoes)

adjective: ok dude that decision was pretty abhinav. (stupid/erroneous)

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